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One of the oldest crops in the world is literally on everyone’s lips today. We are talking about products made from cannabis.

Now produced in the form of oils or seeds, cannabis seeds are now available in the UK and all around the world.

However, many consumers are unsure whether the hemp seeds are health-promoting, legal products. The fact remains that the variety of products is growing steadily, and the first medical studies indicate a possible health-promoting benefit.

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Cannabis seeds and nutrition

The nutrient-rich hemp seeds are rich in vitamins B1, B2 and E. While vitamin B promote stress relief, vitamin E improves muscular regeneration. Photo source:

What are cannabis seeds made of?

The hemp seeds are components of the crop of the same name. The market potential of commercial hemp has grown steadily in recent years. The government has also registered the economic potential of cannabis seeds.

Nevertheless, the use of hemp products is still subject to many prejudices. In addition to the medicinal mode of action, the medicinal plant is primarily known for its intoxicating effects.

Traditionally, up to four different types of cannabis seeds can be distinguished from one another.

On the one hand, this includes the auto-flowering seeds, on the other hand, the regular cannabis seeds, feminized cannabis seeds and CBD seeds.

A simple harvest characterizes Auto-flowering seeds. Their particular breeding enables them to be harvested several times a year.

It is different from the regular hemp seeds, which are subject to natural cultivation. Professional growers who produce cannabis of various types usually prefer high-quality feminized cannabis seeds.

There are also the CBD seeds, which are used for medical purposes, for example.

Many companies are now using small cannabis seeds to produce oils for the cosmetics and food industries, for example.

Since the cannabis seeds are not intoxicating, they are legally available as a commercially available product.

The health benefits of cannabis seeds

There are some health benefits that medical research suggests can be attributed to cannabis seeds.

A significant advantage results from the nutrient and mineral content. All peeled seeds consist of around 35% essential fatty acids and about 33%vegetable proteins.

They also have a healthy 3: 1 ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. With their excellent amino acid profile, they are therefore an essential source of protein, especially for vegans.

In addition to the amino acids, the soluble and insoluble fibre contained in the seeds can aid digestion.

Besides, eating small seeds could reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the long term.

Since the cannabis seeds are particularly fatty, they are processed as oil and are also used in the cosmetics industry. Applied as an oily tincture, the active ingredients can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. There they stimulate the cells to grow. As a result, it could be possible that dry and damaged skin will repair itself thanks to the oil.

Cannabis seeds as the basis for a balanced diet

Unlike chia seeds, the cannabis seeds from regional production can also be purchased online and in physical shops.

The seeds available in health food stores or health food stores can easily be integrated into the diet. As a healthy addition, they can be mixed into a smoothie, used as a salad topping or stirred into yoghurts.

Concerning the dosage, it should be borne in mind that the high-fibre seeds swell in the stomach. If you have a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, you should not eat more than a tablespoon of seeds per day.

Nevertheless, the seeds represent only one pillar of a healthy diet. To provide the body with the best possible care, you also need adequate hydration because water regulates the body temperature and keeps the body functioning as building and connective tissue.

In this sense, the motto is to drink enough water or unsweetened tea in addition to the seeds.

Of course, it is essential not to neglect the exercise in addition to a healthy diet. A short walk or a bike tour of several hours will improve your physical well-being in the long term.

Besides, there is no reason not to take raw or roasted seeds to the reservoir as a nutritious snack.

Conclusion: cannabis seeds as a healthy supplement in everyday life

Cannabis seeds contain many health-promoting ingredients. These primarily include omega fatty acids, but also minerals and vitamins. As a result, there is no reason not to incorporate the nutritious seeds into everyday life as a supplementary food.

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