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Before I discuss the relevance of CBD oil, I am going to explain the difference between CBD oil and THC. Both CBD and THC work with receptors in your brain that release neurotransmitters. They can affect things in your body like pain, mood, sleep, and memory.

Notably, the big difference between the two is that THC still gives the person using it that “high” feeling and CBD does not. CBD doesn’t cause a high, it instead works with the other elements of a person’s body and is linked with the feeling of wellbeing.

There are numerous medical benefits when a person takes CBD products. Many people say it helps with insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety. A lot of people like to try the natural route before taking man-made drugs and CBD products have been proven to help. Man-made drugs are totally fine to take when prescribed to treat something going on within someone’s body.

Nowadays, many doctors are recommending CBD products to patients when their usual prescribed medicine is not working for their pain, mood, illness, etc.

Personally, I have heard very good reviews about taking CBD oil and products. My aunt had both of her hips replaced and took CBD oil to help with the pain and raves about how it took the pain away and worked miracles for her. One of my friends has sleeping problems and takes it before bed and can finally get the sleep she needs to focus throughout her day.

CBD is now being infused in cosmetic products, oils, body rubs, gummies, dog treats, and many more items. CBD is very beneficial to a person when they need it. CBD comes from the marijuana plant and is not the only beneficial part of the plant. Hemp plastic can be made from the plant and 100% biodegradable as well as recyclable.

Another positive is the difference between the plastics we use now and plastic made from hemp. The plastic made from hemp does not contribute to permanent pollution whereas the plastic we use now does. In the right environment, hemp plastic takes around three to six months to fully decompose. The plastics we use now take years on end to decompose.

Clothes can also be made from the hemp plant with its fiber. The plant takes less water to grow and is naturally resistant to pests so no chemicals need to be sprayed. The clothing is also non-irritating to the skin and is hypoallergenic.

Overall, I think the CBD trend is very relevant due to the numerous benefits it has for people’s body and mental health. It is also more natural and better for people. Along with CBD, the environmental benefits of using the hemp plant to make products is amazing. The world needs more products that not only benefit people’s bodies in a positive way but products that do not negatively contribute to harming the environment. CBD is a great way to reduce a person’s physical pain and reduce the harmful effects that other medications have on the body. The trend of CBD is not going to slow down due to the positive effects it is having on many people’s health.



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