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Dr. Fernando Tamez is chief executive officer of DS Healthcare Group/DS Laboratories. The company  develops and markets skin care, personal care and hair care products.  It sells through online and specialty retailers, distributors, pharmacies, doctor’s offices and medical spas. Its most recent launch is Revita.CBD which, Tamez contends, is unlike standard CBD-based formulas. For more information on DS Healthcare Group’s flagship brand, visit

Happi: When was Revita.CBD launched? Why?
Tamez: Revita launched in the US in 2019. We saw a need in the market to have a product with the most recent technology and the best active ingredients. Revita.CBD developed out of a conversation with Dr. Antonella Tosti, a world-renowned dermatologist and scientist and DS Laboratories’s medical advisor. We worked with Dr. Tosti to test broad-spectrum CBD at her clinic in Bolognia, Italy. The results showed that broad-spectrum CBD works as an anti-inflammatory that stems hair loss. 

Happi: Where is it available?
Tamez: In the US, Revita.CBD is available solely via our website, We will be launching Revita.CBD by April in Europe and Latin America.In Europe Revita.CBD will be available in 500 pharmacies in Spain, 300 in Italy and 200 in the Netherlands. Overall, consumers can find our products in 2,000 pharmacies across Europe In Latin America, Revita.CBD will be distributed to pharmacies and doctor’s offices in Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador. We’ll be launching for first time in Costa Rica with the release of Revita.CBD. 

Happi: Are consumers willing to pay $61 for a shampoo and conditioner?
Tamez: Of course they are. We have a huge market with more than 200,000 customers in the US alone. Our customers have never complained about the price, because they value the product, the ingredients and the research behind it all. We give our customers real results backed by research and development. That comes at a price. We invest in science and medicine that’s unparalleled in the industry. That translates into products that perform well and yield results that our customers keep coming back for month after month. Our reviews speak for themselves. Take a look at the Revita.CBD reviews so far.   

Happi: Why CBD? What role does it play in the formula’s efficacy?
Tamez: It’s not just CBD, but broad-spectrum CBD. There’s a big difference. Many products are promoting CBD and simply rely on hemp oil. Take a look at our blog to read about the difference between CBD and hemp oil
Broad-spectrum CBD shampoo has a long list of beneficial properties. Anti-inflammatory agents help promote scalp and hair health and regrowth. CBD oil stimulates blood flow in the scalp, initiating hair growth. It also works through the body’s endocannabinoid system to help balance the immune, hormone and sleep systems. Essentially, CBD oil stimulates the body’s natural receptors for optimum functionality, reducing inflammation and promoting overall health.
Happi: What other ingredients in the formula stimulate hair growth?
Tamez: Revita.CBD features 100 milligrams of CBD, along with a blend of top-quality ingredients including these:
• Cannabidiol (CBD) – Inhibits inflammation and regulates sebum production;
• Ketoconazole – Fights the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the main hormone involved in hair loss;
• Caffeine – Has been shown to potentially reverse the effects of DHT, as well as increase blood circulation to the scalp; 
• Rooibos tea – Stimulates hair growth by prolonging the anagen (growth) phase;
• Cysteine – Works to reverse hair loss and restore hair growth; 
• Niacinamide – Supports your body’s cellular health;
• Copper peptide – Smooths skin, heals damage and stimulates hair growth;
• Taurine – Strengthens hair by promoting the production of keratin; and
• Emu oil – Revitalizes the scalp and decreases hair loss.
Happi: How is the formula different from other hair-growth stimulating products?
Tamez: We can’t disclose those details. What you can know is that Revita.CBD is a completely new formula for DS Laboratories. 

Happi: How does it compare in efficacy to Minoxidil-like products?
Tamez: You can’t compare the two because they’re completely different. You need to compare apples to apples. 



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