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Cannabidiol, better known as CBD is the second most important active ingredient in marijuana. Unlike the most important ingredient in marijuana, THC, CBD alone will not get you “high.”

According to Harvard Health Publishing, CBD has been linked to several health benefits. CBD can be used as a replacement for some antiseizure medication in childhood epilepsy syndromes such as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

CBD can also be used as supplements to treat anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation caused by arthritis. It has also proven to inhibit inflammatory and neuropathic pain in some demonstrations.

CBD isn’t new and the common effects of them aren’t unknown, but the obsession that has come along with CBD has spiraled out of control.

Recently, I saw an article about a company called “Acabada Active.” This company sells CBD infused activewear. They claim they oil from clothing will be released on the skin due to movement and the clothes will withstand 40 wash cycles.

I immediately thought this was a bunch of nonsense.

Then, I continued to think about how CBD is being sold in just about every mall, grocery store, and gas station. Even the 7-Eleven on Sawyer Ave sells CBD oils. From coffee to pillowcases to beard balm, your favorite company has probably released products that were CBD-infused in some way in the past couple of years. Even your pets can join in on the fun with CBD-infused pet treats and topical products such as lotions, ointments, and creams for their aching paws.

I don’t see this trend slowing down, let alone stopping. The masses seem to cling to alternative medications and health treatments as opposed to those prescribed by a licensed doctor.

In some cases, it has nothing to do with a fear of hospitals. Sometimes it’s just cheaper.

But with everyone trying to cash in on CBD-infused market, morality becomes lost and companies will sell any lie they need to in order to convince the consumer that their product is worth buying. They’ll infuse just about anything and fabricate the health benefits. The majority of these products aren’t tested, so the claims made by companies aren’t being proved or disproved.

Allure recently wrote about Acabada Active stating, “some experts say there’s not much scientific premise to the theory that CBD in clothes can actually reduce pain. And because, like many other supplements, it isn’t regulated by the FDA, not all CBD is effective — or even safe.”

According to board-certified emergency department physician Darria Gillespie, “There’s no way to know if you’re getting too much or too little, or what else is in the product.”

“When we release medications into our bloodstream, we know exactly how much someone is going to absorb over a given time point. With activewear, there’s absolutely no way to regulate how much someone will get.”

Is this to say CBD-infused activewear is a complete failure? No, the point is this trend isn’t being properly regulated, which runs the risks of consumers harming themselves while companies continue to profit off them.

Source: https://sxustudentmedia.com/cbd-infusion-without-regulations/


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