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Dear editor,

The article about legality of CBD in last Friday’s Enterprise (Sept. 11) brought into focus the confusing, ambiguous laws around this product of hemp, which is a type of marijuana. CBD differs from the THC chemical in that it does not give the user a “high,” but is medically useful in pain relief. I thank Leeanna Ellis for excellent reporting of the legal issues with CBD purchase and use. However, the legal interpretations and enforcement brings questions:

Why are CBD products openly sold in Douglas County, and presumably used by residents in Douglas County yet are illegal in Washington County?

Why cannot someone in Washington County who is near the end of life with a painful disease be able to obtain a drug that is known to be helpful?

I understand that physicians cannot prescribe this drug which is a “controlled substance” for fear of losing their license. Yet I could walk into a store in Omaha and buy it with no questions.

I think that the more conservative approach would be to allow physicians the legal authority to prescribe this substance to be purchased through a pharmacy. (Of course, going through a pharmacy would no doubt increase cost of the CBD drug.)

Glen Andersen


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