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DRTV sales growth has widened the category’s appeal with an active wellness lifestyle message.

Leading marketers of copper-infused compression garments saw year-over-year dollar sales growth in excess of 20% in 2019, driven by the launch of next-generation products, escalating direct-response marketing and widening retail and online distribution.

Many entries in the latest generation of compression garments for athletes, weekend warriors and others whose lifestyle and work contribute to joint and back pain showcase advanced, lightweight materials, featuring the infusion of odor-fighting copper fibers, for optimum performance and comfort.

The DRTV renaissance of copper-infused compression garments started with a few sleeves for knees and elbows. Their success stimulated the rapid extension into back supports, energy socks, gloves and updated joint sleeves that have come together in wide assortments anchoring in-line departments across the retail landscape, As Seen On TV sections, in-store promotions and e-commerce platforms.

Steep sales growth heading into 2020 was driven by the launch of a new generation of easy-on/off, above-the-calf socks and form-fitting, open-finger gloves, as well as a resurgent interest in back supports. Marketers of copper-fiber compression products have sustained high levels of DRTV advertising during the COVID-19 crisis.

This year will see the rollout of new collections of copper-fiber compression-wear infused with CBD oil and menthol to promote added relief and comfort by offering an effective, convenient, economical and mess-free alternative to using lotions with compression products.

Compression garments are known in medical circles to provide muscle and circulatory support. They may be prescribed to treat varicose veins; to help prevent clots and thrombosis; to avoid blood pooling in extremities; and to treat low blood pressure.

Studies indicate athletes wearing compression products can run longer with less pain and faster recovery by allowing muscles to work more efficiently and by helping prevent injury. Direct-response marketers driving the dramatic growth of compression garments have harnessed such athletic credibility by enlisting well-known professional athletes as spokespeople appearing in infomercials, websites, social media and other marketing collateral.

The new age of direct-response marketers have widened the appeal of a category once presented in more clinical tones by promoting a wellness lifestyle theme to which active consumers across generations can relate. Displays of compression garments now are as likely to secure up-front placement in sporting goods stores and departments as they are to command a prominent presence in or near chain drug stores and pharmacy departments.

The awareness-and traffic-building boost from regularly updated DRTV spots for a continuing stream of new products has extended retail distribution of compression garments to supermarkets, home specialty stores, home centers, hardware stores, gift stores and other channels.

Compression Garment Benefits

• Support for muscle stiffness, soreness, and pain

• Reduces muscle
recovery time

• Supports improved
circulation and oxygenation of working muscles

• Prevents strain and fatigue
by keeping muscles warm

Copper Benefits

• Protects against bacteria that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration

• Essential nutrient for the
human body

• No skin irritation

• Not harmful to people
or the environment



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