How to Use CBD for Sore Muscles

How to Use CBD for Sore Muscles

How to Use CBD for Sore Muscles
By: Blue Tide CBD

There are four CBD products that you can use to assist your sore muscles!

Bath Products are always good to help ease sore muscles. Epson Salt-based bath products like Bath Bomb and Bath Salts are a wonderful option. Blue Tide Organic’s bath products are Epson Salt-based and have quality CBD to help ease sore muscles.

The second thing you can use is a strong CBD pain balm. Massage the pain balm into the body parts that need assistance. For me, it’s my calves and back.

Last but not least, consume a full-spectrum CBD oil. CBD may assist in pain relief and may help reduce inflammation in the body. CBD oil helped me so much when I was training for my half marathon.

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