Is Taking CBD Before Workout a Good Thing?

You are a professional athlete, training for the city marathon, or just working out to stay fit and healthy; CBD can be beneficial for you. In addition to its wide range of therapeutic benefits, CBD can also be adapted to help your body prepare for and recover from sports activity.

Many CBD users want to know more about the dosage, the optimal frequency of use, the best times of day to consume CBD, and so on. The truth is, the best answer to these questions is, “you should do what works best for you.” An important issue would be: when to take CBD oil? And is taking it before a workout a good thing? We will answer those questions in the following article, so keep reading!

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When is The Best Time of Day to Take CBD?

Does anyone want a CBD coffee? Surprisingly enough, many people prefer to take their CBD in the morning, with other supplements/medications, and with their coffee and breakfast. But not everyone agrees, and some prefer to take CBD in the evening with dinner or just before bed.

For some people, taking CBD makes them very energetic and alert. Therefore, they should consume it first thing in the morning, maybe in a coffee or juice or by other methods. For others, consuming CBD makes them relaxed and sleepy, and thus, it is best to take CBD in the evening or when it is almost time to sleep to enjoy the effects even more.

Consume CBD before playing sports

Are you about to follow a somewhat intense sports training session or to compete? CBD can help you perform better. First of all, it acts on the mind, which is extremely important, especially if you play high-performance sports. Consuming cannabidiol before a competition; for example, CBD oil in sublingual improves concentration. It allows you to clear your head to focus on the sporting effort to come. It also reduces the anxiety and stress that can appear in a high-performance athlete as he approaches significant deadlines.

CBD before a sports effort finally brings a boost of energy without having the undesirable side effects of other stimulants (coffee, etc.), such as excessive nervousness. Eventually, CBD, by helping you better manage pain, leads you to surpass yourself to improve your sports performance. It is thus much appreciated when the human body is subjected to significant efforts over a long period or close periods. CBD oil is, for example, widely used in endurance sports or by athletes who have to train intensively over very short periods.

Advantages of Taking CBD Before a Workout

Consuming CBD before playing sports seems to have a good effect on how well the mind stays focused. It is not a secret today that CBD has many pre-workout benefits. Many athletes use it to be more productive during their workouts. What allows better time management and more regular physical activity?

The main advantage of taking CBD before a workout is to facilitate pain management. With only minimal side effects, this powerful anti-pain reliever and anti-inflammatory is, therefore, a valuable ally before training. It will indeed reduce muscle spasms and nausea that can appear after having produced intense physical effort. It is also an excellent way to shorten the healing time of an injury.

CBD also has a calming effect. When we exercise a lot, our bodies will naturally produce chemicals, including endorphins and anandamide, which are responsible for the feeling of well-being. These receptors will facilitate the link with CBD and allow it to be even more useful. It also interacts very well with adenosine, which helps regulate blood circulation and aids cardiovascular functioning.

Another interesting point for athletes, CBD helps regulate sleep. However, we know that sleeping well is essential to promote muscle development and recovery. It is also very effective in reducing pre-workout stress. People who take CBD for its sedative and relaxing effects thus suffer less insomnia and benefit from better recovery both physically and mentally.

 CBD to better recover after sport

Cannabidiol is just as popular with athletes before exercise as it is after. Its properties are indeed a precious help to improve after a significant sporting effort. CBD is, first and foremost a potent anti-inflammatory that works on the muscles and helps reduce the recovery time it takes. By recovering faster, you can reduce the rest time between two training sessions or two competitions. It is also a muscle relaxant effective against cramps or body aches.

The cannabidiol, after a sporting effort, can thus be applied locally. A massage with CBD oil or a cream containing CBD on sore muscles provides quick relief. When the intensity of a sporting effort has resulted in muscle injuries, cannabidiol is finally an ally of choice to reduce the pain caused and accelerate healing. It is therefore not surprising that CBD has been adopted by many athletes who have found in it a natural solution without side effects to improve their performance.

Is CBD allowed in sports?

WADA – the World Anti-Doping Agency – removed CBD from the list of products prohibited in sports competition on January 1, 2018. It is important to emphasize that this measure only concerns cannabidiol and not all cannabinoids. The consumption of THC remains, in particular, prohibited. This molecule is still part of the banned doping substances sought during anti-doping controls. Athletes who want to take advantage of all the benefits of CBD should, therefore, ensure that they choose full-spectrum CBD free from traces of THC or the CBD isolate. The withdrawal of cannabidiol from banned substances in sport is a recognition of the benefits that the consumption of CBD products can bring in both amateur and professional sports. The use of cannabidiol has thus developed in many disciplines: combat sports, endurance sports, etc.

Final words on taking CBD before a workout

If Olympic athletes consume CBD, why can’t you consume CBD before a workout? Of course, you are not at the same level of intensity, but it can still help you energetic and help you with muscle tension daily. So choose some CBD products, start experimenting, enjoy its numerous pre-workout benefits, and much more!



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