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In response to “Medical marijuana has some problems,” The Daily Progress, Jan. 20:

The letter writer is suggesting that medical marijuana be subjected the same level of scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration as any new medication. He further says that medical marijuana decisions should be made on the basis of science, not politics. Last point, agreed.

However, his logic does not include the use of cannabis-derived medicines for literally thousands of years. According to my research, the reason that cannabis medications are illegal is due to the politics and emotions of the 1930s, when the then-drug czar, Harry Anslinger, convinced Congress that anything associated with cannabis was dangerous. This led to William R. Hurst (protecting the family’s paper pulp forests) and DuPont (protecting their nylon from industrial hemp cloth) payola to Congress, resulting in the outlawing of both THC-producing (marijuana) and CBD-producing (industrial hemp) plants and making all cannabis a schedule I drug. Legally, a schedule I drug has no, zero, benefit to mankind.

Therefore, the federal ban on cannabis of all varieties came about by “politics,” not “science.”

Millions of people have benefited from cannabis use in the world — receiving relief from cancer, glaucoma, PTSD, epilepsy, pain, etc.

Due to the complexity of the cannabis plant, it would be difficult to pinpoint dosages down to the milligram, in that different people have different levels of sensitivity.

Opioids are legal by prescription, have benefited many, but have killed thousands via misuse. There has been no credible evidence that cannabis, in any its forms, to date has killed people, even by misuse.

With a history of broken bones and six joint replacements, I used to buy ibuprofen by the tractor-trailer load. For three years, I have been off that damaging medication in favor of hemp oil, which has no reported damaging effects in my research. At 82, my previous aching joints are happy, even when the barometer drops.

The benefits of cannabis should not be dismissed based on emotions and politics. Many of us will not live long enough to gain the cannabis benefits it we must wait for FDA approval.

Bill H. Speiden

Orange County


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Source: https://www.dailyprogress.com/opinion/opinion-letter-medical-marijuana-offers-some-solutions/article_903fc0ce-22fc-11e9-be44-138b2870e935.html


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