People keep stealing hemp in Pennsylvania and beyond, thinking it’s weed – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Industrial hemp was used for centuries to make fiber, paper, food, and fuels, until the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 effectively put the kibosh on all cannabis. Only a year into hemp’s re-legalization, its oil is being touted as a treatment for a slew of ailments, from epilepsy to anxiety and inflammation. CBD products are appearing in health stores and even on supermarket shelves, and Carl’s Jr., a national fast-food franchise, served up a CBD burger called the Rocky Mountain High this year. But many people still act on some primal urge when they see a field of hemp, thinking it’s something else. They steal from the Amish, and from farms in Vermont; in Ventura County, Calif., a 70-year-old man was caught stealing hemp last week.



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