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An historic change in government is coming to Quebec. The governing Liberal party was defeated in […]

It isn’t all written down Americans talk about their constitution a lot. Canadians, not so much. […]

Québec’s provincial election is on October 1. Voters will decide if the Liberal government led […]


Mike Bloomberg’s presidential bid didn’t last long, but he promised staffers jobs through November. Now some who were abruptly laid off during a pandemic are detailing how they say they were misled.

During his briefing with the coronavirus task force on Thursday, President Trump once again inaccurately described the per capita testing within the United States.

This time frame is longer than the estimate that Treasury Secretary Mnuchin gave when he negotiated the program for cash payments with congressional leaders.

Voter Resources

Project Sunlight: Track lobbying activities, member item spending and other legislation in New York. An initiative of the NYS Office of the Attorney General.

League of Women Voters DemocracyNet: Great one-stop election resource.

NYS Board of Elections Campaign Finance Database: Enter the last name of any candidate in New York to find out where the money comes from and where it’s going.

Open Secrets: Campaign finance information broken down by industry, region, etc., for mostly federal politicans. An excellent starting point for following
money in politics.

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