Spectrum Confections, by Creator of Jelly Belly, Releases CBD-Infused Jelly Beans – TimesOfCBD

David Klein, the creator of Jelly Belly, launched Spectrum Confections which processes his new line of CBD-infused jelly beans. The company’s jelly beans are made in sour, sugar-free, and regular varieties.

Each jelly bean contains 10mg of CBD and is THC-free. The product debuts in cinnamon, strawberry cheesecake, pina colada, toasted marshmallow, mango, and spicy licorice flavors.

Spectrum Confections only sells in wholesale and retailers have to supply the company with their own CBD to make the candy. Considering that the company has just started to receive retail orders, the delicious edibles will be soon available for the consumers. What’s more, the company is also processing CBD gumdrops and sour cherry “goosebumps”.

Source: https://timesofcbd.com/spectrum-confections-by-creator-of-jelly-belly-releases-cbd-infused-jelly-beans/


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