Sunsoil Is the CBD Company Obsessed With Quality and Accessibility – The Daily Beast

Nestled in the picturesque state of Vermont is a CBD company obsessed with creating affordable access to high-quality CBD. Sunsoil is an organic hemp company co-founded by Alejandro Bergad and Jacob Goldstein. Their shared disappointment with current CBD industry practices, coupled with a strong desire to do things differently drove the childhood friends to find a new way of producing high-quality CBD. What they discovered along the way was not only efficient but also cost-effective.

Sunsoil pioneered the lipid infusion process which resulted in high-quality, whole plant CBD products with a few simple ingredients. The traditional way of extracting cannabinoids from hemp plants relies on CO2 or solvents. Instead, Sunsoil uses lipid infusion which relies on organic coconut oil. This process allows Sunsoil to preserve the integrity of the hemp plants with the added benefit of cutting costs. 

The advent of lipid infusion allows Sunsoil to lower the cost barrier and increase access to their range of full spectrum organic CBD products. Their CBD Oil Softgels make incorporating CBD into your daily routine hassle-free and are perfect for on-the-go users. They also make organic unflavored CBD Coconut Oil that can be applied topically or added to your favorite recipe. But the real star is Sunsoil’s Cinnamon CBD Oil Drops that make a great option for CBD newcomers.

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