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If you are thinking of trying oils for the first time, do you want to start with CBD oil or cannabis oil, and what exactly is the difference?

The first thing to remember is that cannabis oil is more of an overall term for oils that are made from the cannabis plant. Within cannabis oils are different types of oils, like CBD oil. You can also buy other types of cannabis oils like hemp oils or THC oils. Cannabis oils are all oils from the cannabis plants, whereas CBD oil is a more specific type of oil.

Right now, CBD oil has become quite popular. Chances are, if you’ve heard of cannabis oil, you most likely have heard of CBD oil. One of the main qualities of CBD oil is that it has become legal in many places worldwide. THC oil is not always legal, as that can be what makes you feel intoxicated. Read on to know more about the differences between CBD oil and other types of cannabis oils.

Marijuana or Hemp

When you are talking about cannabis, you want to be able to distinguish between marijuana and hemp, as they both affect the body differently. The easiest way to learn the distinction is to remember that the word cannabis is just referencing the entire plant family. With the cannabis family there are different varieties and strains. The most popular species are sativa and indica, but in reality, you need to learn the individual strains in order to make accurate delineations.

To learn the differences between the strains of cannabis, you need to know about the chemicals CBD and THC. These chemicals are both considered to be cannabinoids, placing them in the cannabis family.

If you have ever consumed marijuana, you most likely are familiar with THC, as THC is what causes the affects you might be familiar with like feeling stoned. The main difference between THC and CBD is that research has proven CBD does not cause those feelings of intoxication. With CBD, you can obtain some of the health benefits like improved mental health and less inflammation in your body, without experiencing the out of control feelings of intoxication.

Hemp is part of the cannabis family, but mostly is used for industrial reasons for things like rope, paper, or clothing. Whereas, marijuana mostly refers to plants that are grown for the specific reason of recreational or herbal needs.

CBD and THC oils

There were a lot of technical terms thrown at you. What do you really need to remember? How do you know which oil is the best for your needs?

For starters, consider what is legal. While the marijuana industry has gained steam and is more in the political and legal conversations than ever before, you must still be cautious as not everything is legal.

There are some countries that have legalized THC, and in those locations you might see hemp oil referring to any oil that has a high quantity of CBD. In reality, you need to pay attention to each product’s quantity of THC and CBD. Some products will refer to percentages, and you should be cautious of percentages, as that does not give you an exact quantity. Look for products that will give you specific milligrams or milliliters of THC or CBD. This will be the easiest way to ensure you are consuming the right doses.

Because of legal issues, you will find more CBD oils than THC oils. So, look for oils that advertise their CBD content, and be careful of THC oils, as they might be illegal. The intention of CBD oils is use as a supplement to your health and lifestyle. The intention of THC oils is to make you intoxicated. That is why you should exhibit caution when choosing between the two oils.

CBD oils can contain THC, and THC oils can contain CBD, which might make this confusing. Legally, most countries do not allow more than 0.3% THC to be in a CBD oil. At such a small dose, you would not feel the intoxicating effects of THC. However, if you do not want to consume any THC, there are plenty of CBD oils that do not contain THC, just make sure you read the label.

Cannabis oil compared to CBD oil

Hopefully you are not too confused with the language thrown at you so far! Before buying your oils, think about what it is you want from the oils you are purchasing. Remember that CBD oil is not going to make you high, if that is what you are looking for, you’ll need to purchase oil that is not CBD oil. CBD oil can, however, offer you great benefits as a supplement to your over health and well-being. CBD oil can offer relief for joint pain, anxiety, and a host of other medical ailments.

Be careful when looking for Cannabis oil, as that is too broad of a term. Most likely, you are looking for CBD oil, if you are looking for health benefits, or THC oil, if you are looking for a high. If you have one takeaway from this, remember to read labels. Know what is in the oil you are putting into your body. There are different varieties, strains, and quantities in every oil. As you keep track of what oils help your body the most, also keep track of how much you are consuming and what is in the oils. Then, you can tweak doses as needed.

For more information about CBD Oils

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