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Three letters you’re likely seeing everywhere these days – CBD. You can’t miss CBD in healthcare offices, coffee shops, pharmacies, marijuana dispensaries, and there it is again on the shelves at your favorite food store. Your pet can get its own version of CBD in drops and treats.

Why all the buzz about CBD? It’s because the natural substance Cannabidiol (CBD’s proper name) is making life a whole lot more pleasant for many people. Most evidence thus far is anecdotal, with testing lagging behind but it’s believed that CBD eases mental health issues such as anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, improves moods, and offers pain relief for migraines and arthritis. Other positive effects include calming skin afflictions, relief from opioid addiction, reducing Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, and alleviating insomnia.

The most solid testing has been done in the field of epilepsy and results have been excellent when it comes to reducing and even eliminating certain types of seizures in young children.

How does CBD work?

It’s a complicated explanation revolving around the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for maintaining balance in the presence of stressors. Basically our bodies already work with cannabinoids and introducing them externally through CBD products can help to maintain vital immune and central nervous systems functions.

Is CBD weed?

Nope, it’s a derivative of hemp, which is in the same genus of plants as marijuana – the cannabis family. Marijuana contains CBD, but CBD has no psychoactive effects and should not be confused with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the active ingredient in marijuana which gives users a high.

Hemp-derived CBD contains less than .3% THC (as opposed to marijuana which contains 5% or more) making it so miniscule that there’s no altering effect.

Laws controlling CBD still make up a tangled web at the federal level, but Colorado statutes allow the sale of CBD products over the counter.

A report put out by the Food and Drug Administration in July stated, “The FDA is working to learn more about the safety of CBD and CBD products.” Because, aside from epilepsy medication, cannabinoid products don’t go through FDA approval, the agency also warns that assertions made about each product’s level of CBD and effectiveness may fall short of the manufacturers’ claims.

Will it work?

How each person metabolizes CBD makes outcomes something of a wildcard. Some brains are more receptive to the chemical; others feel little or no difference. If you haven’t felt anything after using CBD, there are a few things that may be playing into it: it’s possible you’re using an inferior product, you may need to switch to a different type of product (like from a cream to an edible) or you may need to give it time to build up in your system.

Want to give it a try?

  • Do some research before purchasing a product, especially to be sure it has been lab tested by a third party. It should state that on the product label or on the website.
  • Be aware that if your employer requires drug testing, consumption of higher doses of CBD can lead to a test failure.
  • Vaping CBD puts it directly into your lungs and can be the quickest method. However, current warnings surrounding the safety of vaping should be heeded.

CBD in the hood

Niwot Natural Medicine – Dr. Janine Malcolm, ND said, “I love CBD oil, it can be very beneficial for certain people. The issue is the quality. A lot of the products on the market are not clean or they’re toxic.” Malcolm’s practice carries two lines of products in its apothecary (bath salts, oils/creams, and tinctures) which meet her standards: Moon Mother Hemp Company and Quick Silver Scientific.

Niwot Market – In the cooler section and on shelves near checkout stands you’ll find Sparkling Beverages CBD infused drinks, One Love Teas, and snacks including Moksha Chocolates, Numb Nuts, and a variety of lotions and body care.

Starbuds Niwot Dispensary – Dispensaries sell products with the blend of CBD and THC. That combo is touted as being the best for pain relief, both inflammatory and neuropathic, and best for cancer patients. An advantage to buying from a dispensary is that the products are all tested by a regulatory agency. Starbuds’ staff is knowledgeable about their patches, bath bombs, creams, and tinctures. Owner Ernie Craumer said, “Our store in Niwot sells a lot of CBD products primarily due to the age breakdown – a higher age group. Sleep ailments and pain management are the two major reasons our customers buy it.”

Gunbarrel Liquor Store – Owner Lauren Touch said they’ve just started to carry CBD beverages and they’re all delicious. Otto’s non-alcoholic CBD infused ciders and a variety of CBD gummies are now on the shelves. Touch also mentioned that “the most amazing sodas ever” will soon be in the store – Backyard Soda Company with full spectrum CBD hemp extract.

Flatirons Family Pharmacy in Longmont – The pharmacy has a large CBD section which includes products by Restorative Botanicals, That’s Natural!, Moon Mother Hemp, Exult, and Suzie’s CBD Treats for pets

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