Wiltshire’s first CBD oil cafe opens at Mams Gallery in Swindon – Swindon Advertiser

A CAFE with a difference has opened its doors in Swindon.

When Emma Amini and Chris Dale decided to set up their business at Mams Gallery on Eastcott Hill, they did so with a unique selling point in mind.

Many of the products sold include CBD – a chemical ingredient from the cannabis plant – making Total Health Cafe the first of its kind in Wiltshire.

Emma, who opened the gallery just over a year ago, said: “I just wanted to add something extra that supports positive wellbeing and this was a fairly new concept and thought that we could put it on the map.”

Research into CBD suggests the oil can help people with anxiety, depression and pain.

The ingredients used at Total Health Cafe do not include the THC chemical which is illegal in the UK.

Emma told the Adver: “It offers a great space to relax at the café and it also offers help for people with anxiety or specific health problems and for people to come together. It’s a good place to have in the community.

“We want to take in the art side as well because there is a lot of research that says it promotes positive mental health.

“With the art and cafe, we think we’ve got the perfect site that provides a safe space.”

The cafe offers various products such as CBD tea, coffee, oils and food – as well as others without the unusual ingredient.

Chris splits his time between Swindon and Oslo, where he works in the sports protein business.

He said: “I have been interested in nutrition for a long time but more from the sports side and that’s helped grow my interest in CBD.

“It can level everything out; if your hormone levels are going wild it can calm it down. So it’s good for anxiety, but it’s not just old wives’ tales. There is science research that has been done to prove this.”

Chris think more cafes like his are important because they are reliable stockists of genuine products.

He said: “When you buy them online you have to be careful about its origins.

“It’s very easy to buy these products online but you don’t know if it’s legitimate.”

Yoga and meditation classes will soon be running at the cafe, which is open from 10am until 6pm from Monday to Saturday. For more information, see mamsgallery.co.uk

Source: https://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/18096510.wiltshires-first-cbd-oil-cafe-opens-mams-gallery-swindon/


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